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How to Maintain Your EV Cable

How to Maintain Your EV Cable

EV Cable Maintenance

An EV charging cable is an essential piece of equipment and it should be treated with great care, before, during and after use. We will be highlighting ways in which you can help increase the lifespan and durability of your electric vehicle charging cable. Essentially, it follows the same maintenance as any other electrical device or component.

Keep it Clean and Dry

When it comes to charging your electric vehicle - it is important that the pins within the charging cable's connectors, are kept clean, untampered and dry. This is the most common cause of faults within EV charging. All our cables at 4EV come with rubber caps for the connectors, which can be used when the cable isn't connected/charging. This keeps the cable's connectors dry & debris-free.

The cables come with an IP rating (specific to the product) - which usually sees the cable protected to an extent from water splashes, and debris. However, it is expected and recommended that the owner of the cable is to take great care, and to regularly check that the connectors are in great condition.


Something as simple as storing your cable correctly can increase the durability of your EV charging cable. A great storage location for your cable would be somewhere dry, accessible and close to your vehicle. We often supply 4EV carry cases which can also be used to keep your charging cable safe and accessible. Not to mention, easy to carry or store in the boot of your vehicle.

We would also recommend simply wiping down your cable after use, to protect the cable from any potential debris damaging the cable. It will keep the cable safe from any damage, and clean. Please not, we don't recommend wiping the connector's pins, as this could cause the connectors to become faulty from moisture.

Warranty and Help

It goes without saying that sometimes faults can't be prevented - sometimes the electrical element of the cable can be the root cause of a faulty. Like any other electrical component or device - which is why we offer a 12-month warranty, if your cable does unfortunately stop providing the service you need it to.

If your cable stops working, we have suggestions on a number of common faults and fixes before contacting us for assistance: See Charging FAQ's for details

If you do happen to have any further questions/enquiries about 4EV's cable's durability, how to look after them etc. Feel free to email or use our live chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner!

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