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Maintaining EV Battery Health

Maintaining EV Battery Health

Charging your electric vehicle is really quite simple. You could simply just plug in the charger, wait for it to charge and be done with it. Alternatively, you could tactically charge your vehicle to ensure that the battery life is sustained.

It doesn't necessarily require any micro-management but we're covering the ways in which you could maintain a healthy EV battery. It is also something which shouldn't generally be worried about when owning an EV. But if you want to stay up-to-date with your EV's health and to get the most bang for your buck - then these tips should help.

Monitoring the Battery Percentage

Keeping the battery 'state of charge' between 20-80% is the first tip we would recommend. Similarly to laptops, phones and other electrical devices - letting the car be constantly on charge or at 100% could deplete the battery life within your EV. In the same respect, we don't recommend letting the car battery dip below 10% as it can also encourage battery depletion. It is better and more beneficial in the long run to let your battery run down to 10% or 20% and then to charge the battery back up to 80%. Check your EV's manual as you may be able to tweak some settings to automate this threshold within your charging.

Planning Your Route

Another tip we would suggest, would be to take your EV on regular drives and short journeys. Whilst also finding the time to plan your journey whenever possible - which will allow you to choose a route with minimal power requirement. Avoiding hills where possible is also recommended, but again - it isn't the end of the world. A lot of vehicles have built-in navigation systems which can make this step quite easy and accessible too - whilst also indicating the areas in which traffic will be busier etc.

Slow Acceleration and Speed

Watching your speed is the final tip - this is something which can be done depending upon the situation. The faster you go in an electric vehicle; the more energy you will consume. Therefore reducing your speed (where possible and safe) can help maintain battery health, and also increase range on your drive.

In summary it isn't completely necessary that you follow these tips, or actively go out of your way to prevent battery depletion. Electric vehicles are manufactured with battery life in consideration - so manufacturers already have that first stage of protection needed to keep a healthy EV battery. These three tips are just three simple ways in which you could manually contribute to your battery's lifespan.

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