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How Secure is Your EV Charging Unit?

How Secure is Your EV Charging Unit?

Recently, BBC published a video article highlighting specific EV charging units as being vulnerable to hackers. Specifically, they covered Wallbox and Project EV. Essentially the video stated how the specific firmware within these EV charging units were quite accessible to anyone who understands API. Meaning that potentially a hacker could take control of the charging unit and that could also lead to them having control of your home network.

Towards the back end of the video segment - the BBC got in touch with both Wallbox and Project EV to ask for these companies to address the vulnerability of the firmware in their charging units. Both companies have stated that they made changes to the firmware to increase security and to eliminate the risk of hackers taking control.

Essentially, the article highlighted the importance of consistently checking for firmware updates on your charging unit (if possible). Regardless of the manufacturer of your charging unit - it's always better to be safe and check. The Department of Transport were contacted also - as they allowed for these charging units to be sold, and under the government grant. Their statement in regards to this situation reads 'This Autumn we will be introducing new legislation designed to product consumers by mandating a range of cyber security requirements for EV charge points.'

If you'd like to view the BBC produced video segment in regards to the security of charging units - please click here. The EV charging unit segment can be found between the timestamp of 1:50 to 9:26.

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