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Charging an Electric Vehicle from a Household Socket

When it comes to charging your electric vehicle, you tend to have a choice of where you want to charge up, and when. A lot of EV drivers have access to public charge points or standard charging units – which require a ‘fast’ standard charging cable.

Whereas another practical way of charging for a lot of people – can be using a household 3-pin plug socket. A specific cable is required, to be able to charge up via a domestic plug and we supply this cable here at 4EV! It is as simple as charging your mobile phone or any other household electrical device. The EVSE is also available for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles!

This method of charging is known as ‘slow’ charging – which admittedly, does not sound necessarily appealing – but it is practical as it gives you the option of charging from your very own home. The EVSE cable works at 10A as a maximum, but offers quite a cool, controlling switchable rate feature – which allows for you to choose whether you charge at 6A, 8A or 10A. The switching is simply operated by an RFID tag, which is supplied with the cable.

Another feature which allows you to have control during your charging, is the delayed timer. Ultimately, with the delayed timer – you can choose at what time your EV starts charging with the EVSE. Perfect for if you are wanting a scheduled charge every day or overnight!

All the features within the EVSE, revolve around safety and control and we always recommend this product to customers who are wanting to charge their vehicle overnight from home/work etc. Every EVSE purchased from 4EV comes with 2 RFID tags and a user’s manual which explains the features and cable in more detail. Alternatively, if you require more information – please get in touch with our support team via Live Chat or send an email to support@4ev.co.uk.

Type 1 EVSE - https://www.4ev.co.uk/10-metre-type-1-portable-evse-uk-charging-cable

Type 2 EVSE - https://www.4ev.co.uk/10-metre-type-2-ev-portable-evse-charging-cable