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Affordable BEVs in the UK

Affordable BEVs in the UK

When it comes to buying an electric vehicle or any vehicle in fact - a few factors are to be considered before purchasing your new car. The higher-than-average cost of electric vehicles is often discussed and tends to be the reason that drivers don't opt for an EV. We're covering three affordable fully electric vehicles (BEVs) and highlighting a variety of pricing and performance statistics. This specific topic is subjective, and these three vehicles won't be affordable to all readers - however, it is important to highlight some of the cheaper electric vehicles on the market, especially those with impressive performance stats!

MG 5 EV (2020)

The MG 5 EV is the first BEV worth covering - released in 2020 and starting at £25,095. Offering an impressive 214-mile range, it's more than capable of covering long journeys and road trips. Boasting a modern and smart look, it is certainly an appealing car. Purchasing the MG 5 EV comes with options, different variants of the vehicle. MG 5 EV Excite, MG 5 EV Exclusive, MG 5 EV Long Range Excite and the MG 5 EV Long Range Exclusive. If you want to see the exclusive features to each model, read more at

When it comes to charging the MG 5, it requires a Type 2 charging cable. The MG 5 can be charged via a one-phase charging cable and charging unit at a maximum rate of 6.6kW - taking around 8 hours to charge from 0-100%. The average cost of charging from 0-100% battery (at home) is £8.48. Meaning that £8.48 can roughly get you as far as 214 miles. DC charging is also available for the MG 5 - in the form of a CCS port/charging cable. If you're on the road and need a quick charge, rapid charging is available at certain public charge points - and your MG 5 can be charged at 80kW as a maximum rate - which could take as little time as 35 minutes to reach 80% battery!

Seat Mii Electric (2020)

The Seat Mii Electric was also released in 2020 and takes its place in the list of 'Affordable Battery Electric Vehicles'. Available from £20,300 - the Seat Mii Electric offers an impressive 160-mile range, purely sourced from the 36.8kWh battery. The Mii also comes with some unique features, including a DriveMii App for your smartphone, lane assist, cruise control and rear parking sensors. If you want to find out more about the specifications & features of the Seat Mii Electric - read more at Seat Mii Information.

When it comes to charging the Seat Mii Electric; it requires a Type 2 charging cable. With a maximum AC charge rate of 7.2Kw the Seat Mii can be charged from 0-100% battery capacity in 10 hours. Admittedly not the greatest of times, but a scheduled overnight charge should do the trick. Not to mention the astounding average price of £5.63 per 100% charge! The Mii is equipped with a CCS port also, which allows for rapid charging at specific public charge points. Using the CCS port, you could have your car charged to 80% from 0% in just over an hour!

Mini Electric (2020)

The third and final affordable BEV that we feel the need to include is the fabulous Mini Electric. Starting at £26,000 and offering a staggering 145-mile range - the Mini Electric is a serious contender. The ever-recognisable UK car manufacturer released the Mini Electric in 2020. Purchasing the Mini Electric comes with a lot of personalisation and customisation choices; including the ability to build your own Mini Electric. Alternatively, pre-set options are available in the form of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Read more here Mini Electric Information.

Charging the Mini Electric couldn't be easier. A Type 2 charging cable is required to charge the vehicle, and this can come in the form of a one phase (maximum 7.4kW rate) or three phase cable (maximum 11kW rate). With an average charge cost of £4.99 from 0-100% battery capacity, depending on your energy supplier and other factors. DC charging is also an option for the Mini Electric via a CCS charger, which can be found at specific public charge points. Allowing a maximum rate of 49kW, the Mini Electric can be fully charged in a matter of 45 minutes.

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