Buy with Confidence with our Buy Back Guarantee

Our Buy Back Guarantee means you can buy with confidence!

We know that making sure you have the right charging cable for your Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid can by challenging. No matter how much meticulous research you do, advice you take or even cables you try.

It's difficult to know exactly what cable is going to be perfect for you, Is a 5 metre cable long enough? Should I go for a coiled cable over straight? Until you get out on the road in your 'day to day' life, you can never be sure.

And what if that 'day to day' routine changes? Charging stations at your new job are further away or even none existent, your new EV uses a different cable type, or you simply leased your EV for a few years and now no longer need a charging cable.


Our Buy Back Guarantee can give you full peace of mind against such changes.

Put simply, we guarantee to buy back your used Charging Cable or EVSE when you no longer need it or your circumstances change.


How It Works

How much we pay you for your cable will depend on how long ago you bought it from us, and is worked out as a percentage of the purchase price. The table below makes it clear exactly how much you can expect should you wish to return your cable.

Time Since PurchaseCash Offer4EV Credit
Up to 1 Month 70% Of Purchase Price 75% Of Purchase Price
1 - 3 Months 60% Of Purchase Price 65% Of Purchase Price
3 - 6 Months 35% Of Purchase Price 40% Of Purchase Price
6 - 12 Months 25% Of Purchase Price 30% Of Purchase Price

An Example

You buy a 5 Metre 32 Amp Straight cable at £159.99. After using the cable for 2 Months you realise it's a little short for your use and you wish to return the working cable. We will pay you £95.99 or add a credit to your 4EV account of £103.99 towards a different cable.

 Sounds Good, Sign me up!

Sign Me Up!

If you have bought your cable from us and would like to return it under our Guaranteed Buy Back scheme, great! just head on over to the Contact Us page and let us know.

We'll need a bit of information from you to get started so if you could include your original Order ID, information regarding the condition of the cable and whether you would like a cash offer or 4EV credit it will speed things along.

Once we've got this information we will let you know what you can expect to receive for your cable before you decide to send it back to us. Simples!

Buy Back My Cable



The Legal Stuff

So, here's the catch you say! Nope. No catch, we really do guarantee to buy back your cable when you no longer need it. We do have a couple of ground rules though. Nothing serious, just a few terms and conditions you might say.

The cable or EVSE must be in full working order

In order for us to buy back your cable it must still work in the same way it did when you bought it. All cables will be tested on return.

The cable or EVSE must be in a good aesthetic condition.

We're not talking pristine, mint condition here, just something you would expect after the length of time the cable has been in use. Normal wear and tear is fine. The odd bump, scratch and scrape is nothing to worry about. Held together with masking tape and chewing gum? Nope, just nope.

You must arrange return postage.

Returning the cable to us is for you to arrange and any costs are yours. If you struggle to find a suitable service we may be able to arrange a courier collection but any costs incurred will be deducted from our purchase offer.

Payment will be made once the cable has been returned and tested.

Once your cable has been received and tested we'll get in touch to arrange your payment. Provided the condition of cable meets these little ground rules, the payment offered will be in line with the table above. If things aren't quite right we may still offer to buy back your cable at another price. Of course, you do not have to accept this and should you decline our offer we will return your cable to you at our own cost.

Prices paid are subject to change.

We reserve the right to alter the Buy Back price or percentage rate offered on this page subject to market conditions. However, we will always display our current rates on this page and will always tell you exactly what you can expect to receive for your cable before you make the decision to return to us.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Of course, all of this doesn't affect your statutory rights. If your cable is faulty or you simply change your mind and wish to return it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, just get in touch and we'll see you right.